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Warranty & Dock Maintenance

What is the warranty on new dock construction?
Our new dock warranty is for one year. This covers all workmanship. However, cracking and checking of lumber, which is normal for pressure treated boards, is excluded from this warranty.
Riverside Dock recommends that you periodically check your dock for the following maintenance issues:
Inspect for loose deck boards and rotting frame members. Re-nail and replace as necessary.
Inspect the bolts holding your dock framing to the seawall and to the dock pilings. Tighten all loose bolts and nuts. Replace broken fasteners with new hot-dipped galvanized hardware. Also tighten bolts holding cleats and line holders.
Apply a high quality wood preservative/sealant to the deck boards. This will help repel water and extend wood life. It is not advisable to paint dock boards because most paints will peel in a short time and become unsightly.
Inspect all electrical lines for broken or frayed insulation. Repair or replace as necessary.
Check water lines for leaks and loose hangers and repair any that are in bad shape.

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