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Floating Dock Solutions

With many satisfied clients, we are confident that a floating dock system by Riverside Dock will exceed your expectations. Riverside Docks offers affordable, high quality floating dock systems. Our docks are designed to provide outstanding stability, strength and durability. Our attention to detail and aesthetics make them a perfect addition to any home or your getaway place. Riverside Docks also offers our floating dock systems with wood and aluminum substructure.


The designs are limitless. They are perfect for deep water, fluctuating water levels (as low as 1 ½”) and soft lakebed type conditions. Riverside Dock can build virtually any design possible. Each application can vary and Riverside Docks can adapt. We can adjust to any freeboard height (water level to decking) to match our customer’s needs. All our floating docks are built for maximum per sq ft buoyancy and stability. Any dock 10 ft and wider will have added floatation centered down the dock. Every location is unique. It is important to take into account all factors such as prevailing wind, boat traffic, etc. Riverside Dock will go over these factors with you to ensure that you have the right fit for your new floating dock.


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