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Docks & Boatlifts

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Riverside Dock has many years of experience constructing new docks. All new docks are designed for the customer and built by our dedicated professionals using personally chosen materials. We have constructed docks with a variety of specifications and can work with you to design the perfect walkway widths, flooring options, roof colors, and both painted and hot-dip galvanized substructures.


Most piers we build are between 30 and 50 feet in length. They are constructed with 12' poles, similiar to bulkhead construction, with X bracing materials between the poles. It is important that common treated lumber should be avoided because the treatment is insufficient to prevent worms from eating through. Wood must be treated to 2.5 lbs of CCA worm protection.


A boatlift design created with durable, environmentally friendly materials is a valuable investment to protect your jet ski or boat; we encourage the use of stainless steel/aluminum/hot dipped galvanized boatlifts especially along the Coast where hurricane and storm waters present unique challenges to your watercraft.


Dock Repair is one of our specialties. We can take that old dock and turn it into something new. We do this by replacing your dock structure with new treated lumber or new composite decking. Which ever fits your budget the best. We can also replace dock pilings with new ones; this is easy for us to do because we have our own pile driving equipment.

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